The Ryan Baldera Memorial Fundraiser

In a selfless act to save others, General Manager, Ryan Baldera lost his life while working at Buffalo Wild Wings. In an effort to contribute to The Ryan Baldera Memorial Fund, we are asking for your attendance to an event at the Seekonk, MA TGI Fridays on December 11th at 7pm.

Local bartenders from Friday’s past and present will perform in Ryan’s Honor.

Throughout the evening, we will be inviting up anybody who wants to speak or give a toast to our friend.

There will be stools, booths and high tops for sale for the evening. Please note, that if you do purchase a seat, we expect a big crowd. Because of the size of the crowd, you view might be obstructed. We ask that you stand up during the performances and remember the people who have standing room only are also there to support our friend and community.

Auctions will be held between acts.

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