Florida manatee has 'TRUMP' etched into its side officials seek information

Federal Authorities are looking for information after a manatee was spotted with the words "TRUMP" etched into it's body.

Young manatee portarit

An investigation is underway by Federal Authorities after a manatee was spotted swimming in Homosassa River in Citrus County Florida with 'TRUMP' etched onto it's body.

While the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service wants to know who defaced the animal the manatee doesn't appear to be hurt. The words seem to etched from the algae on its body.

Since the Manatee is under both Federal and State protection, as Manatees, often referred to as sea cows, were on the endangered species list up until 2017.

Fish and Wildlife asks that anyone with information in the case to reach out to its wildlife crime tips hotline at 1-844-397-8477.

Photo Credit: Getty

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