Utah Jazz Guard Jordan Clarkson Wore A Kilt And Fans Are Loving It

Looks like 2021 is taking a breath of fresh air to a new level.


Utah Jazz guard Jordan Clarkson was spotted last Tuesday night leaving the Barclays Center, after facing off against the Brooklyn Nets, wearing a black jacket, Nike Dunks, and a plaid Fear of God kilt.

When asked about his fashion choice Clarkson, no stranger to expressing himself through fashion, by an interviewer outside the stadium, "What's going on with the kilt" when Clarkson responded with the utmost confidence “It’s swag, baby!”

Fans took to Twitter to express their excitement with the bold fashion choice saying, " I stan" where one fan even created a fan page for Jordan's Kilt!

While we're still a good ways from Kilts being standard option at most stores if you happen to be in the market you can find a kilt designed just for you here.

Photo Credit: Getty

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