Watch As A Drunk Tom Brady Celebrates His 7th Super Bowl Win

Here in New England we have our Duck Boat parades, but down South they take their celebrating to the water.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Victory Parade

Yesterday afternoon the Tampa Bay Buccaneers celebrated their Super Bowl win over the Kansas City Chiefs in style. Taking to the canals of Tampa the team proudly celebrated their victory with the fans. Displaying the Lombardi trophy in all it's glory. Everyone was clearly in the highest spirits, including the Tampa Bay Buccaneer's Quarterback Tom Brady.

Throughout the parade Brady was seen celebrating with his family, hoisting the trophy for fans to see and even partaking in some lighthearted drunkin shenanigan's with his fellow teammates. At one point Brady can be seen tossing the trophy from his boat to his former fellow Patriot Gronkowski who was celebrating on the boat behind him.

However, perhaps the most talked about moment of the event seemed to take place on land as Brady can been seen uncharacteristically intoxicated and being lead through a crowd of paparazzi.

Brady himself seemed lighthearted about the whole affair tweeting the below.

Either way it's safe to say the GOAT certainly deserved his moment of celebration and cheer.

Photo Credit: Getty

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