Eddie Murphy Gushes About Working With His Daughter On 'Coming 2 America'

The highly anticipated sequel, 'Coming 2 America', turned into a family affair for the Murphy household as Eddie Murphy's daughter Bella took a leading roll in the up coming film.

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In an interview with the Today Show's Al Roker, Eddie Murphy opened up about working with his daughter on his latest project saying, “I can't even put into words, Al,” the legendary comedian said. “You know, if you have children, your child could do like a school play, and your heart will burst with pride. To look over on the set, seeing her, I had a big giant proud papa moment every day.”

And when Al's questions turned to his legacy Eddie made a point to explain his films, comedy and writing wasn't his legacy it was his children saying, "It wouldn't be a film at all — my legacy is not my work, My legacy is my children. My legacy are these 10 human beings that that I brought into this world.”

Check out the full interview here and be sure to check out 'Coming 2 America' out on Amazon Prime on March 5th.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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