Meet The Former Playboy Bunny Is Now Working On The Covid Front Line

Meet the former Playboy Bunny who turned in her bunny ears for a lab coat!

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25 year old Danielle Lupo turned in her Playboy Bunny ears for a lab coat this past year after 2020 shook up her main source of income.

Due to so many modeling cut back the bunny decided to pursue a job in the medical field and finally passed her exam to become a cartographic technician.

In an interview with LADbible when asked if Danielle was self conscious about her past career she responded with the utmost confidence saying, "Cooper Hefner once told me I have this Clarke Kent/Superman thing going on and that kind of stuck with me. It explains how I can look different at work in scrubs, a coat, hair up, no make-up and big dorky glasses. No one would guess I model."

Check out Danielle's journey below.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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