Woman Leave Stable Job To Transform Old Furniture Ends Up TikTok Famous

Shayna Alnwick was sick and tired of working her nine to five everyday so she threw caution to the wind and ended up TikTok famous!

Have dreams of leaving your hum drum job and pursuing your dreams? Then Shayna Alnwick's story will inspire you!

Shayna was looking to make a change when 2020 came in and shook up her stable employment. Instead of seeing the struggling economy as a deterrent she used her passion and skill to take old unwanted furniture and turn it into a thriving business. She began by filming the furniture transformations and sharing on TikiTok. Much to her surprise the videos took off and in 6 months she gained more than 200 thousand followers!

The videos consist of her refinishing old and run down furniture and reveal them to be new and desirable pieces that anyone would be happy to have in their home. Check out her story below.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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