Stunt Man Soaks In Beans For 24 Hours To Save His Favorite Restaurant

When your favorite restaurant is on the brink of closure what else are you supposed to do but sit in a tub of beans!

Close up of baked beans in a pan

Stunt man and Mexican food lover, Hunter Ray Barker, found out that is favorite Mexican Restaurant, Los Toros, was struggling financially like so many local restaurants in wake of the pandemic and decided that he had to do something.

So of course like anyone passionate about their favorite restaurant, his first thought was to stay in a pool filled with bean dip for 24 hours. As unconventional as the idea seemed it worked!

Wearing a Los Toros face mask and tee shirt, Hunter stayed submerged for 24 hours drawing people from all over to come and see this mans last ditch attempt at saving his favorite eatery.

While no definite tally of how much cash was raised in the 24 hours it was quite apparent from the pictures a good time was had by all. See more from the 24 hour sitting marathon here.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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