20 Ribeyes For $40 Truckload Sale

Grilled Steak with Flame

Photo: Moment RF

Join us at the Walnut Hill Mall in Woonsocket next to Planet Fitness for 20 Ribeyes For $40 Truckload Sale.

Half Price on the Family Party Pack only while we are here. Limited supply half price bulk deals on Kansas City Strips, New York Strips, Mega Ribeyes, T-Bones, Filets Plus Premium Chicken, Seafood and Pork! Buy One Get One Deals-Quarter Cow Deals-Surf and Turf Specials. $100 Off The Half Cow Special-No Limits on the Half Cow and Quarter Cow while in stock. Stock up now for The Fourth of July! Ask how you can get your free steak with your July 4th Bundle Purchase. Look for the Big Tent and Big Truck-We're here now at The Walnut Hill Mall in Woonsocket next to Planet Fitness. Hurry out before it's sold out. All payments accepted. Debit, Credit, Apple Pay and Yes - EBT Check them out on Facebook EssentialFoodSales

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