Robert Patrick Talks "Terminator," "Peacemaker" at Rhode Island Comic Con

"Terminator 2: Judgment Day" star Robert Patrick spoke of his storied career, sharing the screen with Arnold Schwarzenegger, and his recent role on "Peacemaker" with John Cena.

According to Patrick, the star received a call from "Peacemaker" creator and co-CEO of DC Studios James Gunn inviting him to join the cast as Auggie Smith.

"You're a racist, you hate everybody," Gunn described the role. "You're awful."

"An extreme version of Archie Bunker."

"Why'd you think of me?" Patrick asked.

"I don’t know. I just thought you'd be perfect."

Despite the questionable pitch, Patrick wholeheartedly agreed to sign on without reading the script beforehand. "Yeah, sure. F***, I'm in."

Robert Patrick

Photo: Nora Drapalski

The actor praised Gunn as a "brilliant filmmaker" and "incredible writer."

"It's very relevant," Patrick commented of the show. "It was a profound experience."

Although the suit was another situation.

"You stand in your underwear," Patrick described as the effects team analyzed his figure from "every conceivable angle."

"Why, why, why," the actor whined dramatically, reflecting on the skintight suit that he described as "glued to your body."

"I can barely walk in the god-d*** suit."

"People wondered why I was angry with my son," he joked. "It was wearing that suit every day."

On the topic of his on-screen son, Patrick expanded upon his experience working with John Cena.

The two had previously worked together on the 2006 film "The Marine." However, an accident on set haunted Patrick for years.

While swinging a pipe prop during filming, Patrick accidentally injured Cena. The seasoned actor immediately knew upon spotting Cena's face that the strike had landed incorrectly.

But his co-star didn't hold a grudge.

"John is such a nice guy."

When the two began filming for "Peacemaker," Patrick remembered the incident years prior and approached Cena. "First thing I said to him, 'How's your elbow, by the way?'"

Robert Patrick

Photo: Nora Drapalski

Patrick is no stranger to joking on set.

In 2000, he portrayed Davey Scatino in the hit series, "The Sopranos." In an effort to establish chemistry with actor James Gandolfini, Patrick took a moment during a smoke break to poke his co-star.

"I said, 'You know that scene together?'" Patrick prompted, referencing an upcoming scene in the drama the two were set to begin filming the next day. "You better have your f****** A game."

The wry jest garnered the intended response from the recipient. Gandolfini reportedly flicked his cigar in anger and stormed off.

The next morning, Gandolfini walked up to Patrick and tossed out, "How's your balls?"

"He was very pissed," Patrick fondly reminisces.

The fight scene filmed that day was captured in one take.

"I loved working with James."

According to the actor, Patrick was approached following Gandolfini's tragic death to assist with a tribute to his former co-star.

Gandolfini's son contacted Patrick about getting a tattoo in tribute to his father. Patrick took his son to one of his tattoo artists to have the son's vision realized.

Robert Patrick

Photo: Nora Drapalski

A fan in attendance asked Patrick about his experience working on "X-Files." The actor played Special Agent John Doggett in the long-running science fiction series.

"He was such a well written character," Patrick recalled of Doggett. "My favorite character I ever played."

"The values he had and stood up for... (that's a character) you hope to get to play sometime in your career."

With such a decorated acting career, Patrick has been fortunate to star in projects that have withstood the test of time. Perhaps none as unforgettable as "Terminator 2: Judgment Day."

"Terminator 2" is the "greatest film ever made" according to the actor.

But did he feel intimidated at the prospect of working with Arnold Schwarzenegger?

"I was not intimidated... I was scared s***less. There’s a difference."

"Getting that role is like winning the Super Bowl."

Patrick was convinced it was too good to be true. "I thought they were gonna fire me at any minute."

Needless to say, his worries were unfounded. 33 years later, Patrick's role in "Terminator 2" remains one of his most memorable performances.

As Patrick wrapped up his panel at Rhode Island Comic Con, thanking attendees for joining him, organizers revealed a special surprise for the actor.

A Plymouth baker popped out from backstage as the panel host broke out into song, wishing Robert Patrick a happy birthday. (The actor's birthday is November 5.)

Robert Patrick

Photo: Nora Drapalski

The custom cake featured a metallic chocolate bust of the actor's iconic character in "Terminator 2: Judgment Day."

The actor welcomed the surprise with a wide smile and eagerness to break into the cake.

Happy birthday, Robert!

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