Current, Former Providence Mayors Form Reccomendations For Education

Current and former mayors of Providence are mapping out their hopes and wishes for school children in the system to the Mayor Elect Brett Smiley.

– Mayors Jorge O. Elorza, Angel Taveras and Joseph R. Paolino Jr. today outlined a series of education recommendations designed to help Mayor-elect Brett Smiley most effectively transform education in Providence public schools. Mayor-elect Brett Smiley was in attendance to receive the recommendations.

“For decades, Providence’s education system has been one of the City’s greatest structural challenges, even as we have each continued to work to address systemic barriers,” said Mayor Jorge Elorza (2015-2023). “Together, we have outlined the bold changes needed for our students and families, and what we believe can best position Providence’s future in education. I thank Mayor-elect Smiley for his openness in receiving these recommendations.”

“As a Providence Public Schools graduate and former Mayor, I am grateful for the opportunity to share my experience with Mayor-Elect Smiley,” said Mayor Angel Taveras (2011-2015). “I have no doubt that all of our children can succeed. We know what works and we need to implement it with the ‘fierce urgency of now’.”

"As former Mayors of this amazing city, we know what has been done and what needs to be done now," said Mayor Joe Paolino (1984-1991). "It's important that we share with incoming leadership, our experience, and our challenges, because education is the cornerstone of our community's success. I hope that these recommendations can help prepare the mayor-elect for the hard work that lies ahead and act as a catalyst for real change in our classrooms and schools across the district."

The recommendations include a need to work with the teacher's union to fix unworkable management structures. They also want the new administration to invest in the infrastructure and buildings within the system. Create out of school learning time and to work with key stakeholders and give them a greater voice.

For his part – the Mayor Elect says that he continues to be a strong believer in the school system and its students and that his administration will work to improve all outcomes for them.

(Photo Credit: John Baibak, NewsRadioRi)

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