State Seeks Extension Of Pilot Injection Site Program

Rhode Island became the first state in the U.S. to sanction a supervised illegal drug use center in 2021.

While the proposed clinic in Providence has not yet opened, the state House of Representatives has passed legislation that would extend the pilot program by two years, and allow users to smoke pre-obtained substances in addition to taking them intravenously.

“Not only do harm reduction centers severely mitigate the chance of overdose, they are a gateway to treatment and rehabilitation of people with substance abuse disorder,” said Representative John Edwards of Tiverton said. “This program, which has seen so much success over the globe, is just getting started in Rhode Island. These locations will be under the supervision of trained medical staff who can direct addicts toward substance use disorder treatment. It’s a way to tackle this epidemic while saving lives in the process.”

The bill now moves to the Rhode Island Senate, where similar legislation has already been introduced.

(Photo by PATRICK KOVARIK/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)


Photo: Getty Images

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