Mayor: Police Followed Protocol In Confrontation With Illegal Bikers

Two Providence police officers were involved in an incident with a group of dirt bike riders this past weekend.

The officers were reportedly on patrol Sunday when they spotted two bikes riding recklessly down Potters Avenue.

They were followed to an industrial park on Dupont Drive, where the larger group was congregated.

The police said they were surrounded by the dirt bike riders and taunted as they attempted to make an arrest, and one of the officers drew their weapon.

No shots were fired. And, one of the bikers was placed under arrest. That person being charged with resisting arrest among other things.

Meantime, Providence Mayor Brett Smiley says the officers followed protocol, and that he is planning to announce details soon about the city's effort to curb the illegal street vehicles.

Illegal Street Bikes have been a recurring problem throughout many New England communities for some time.

(Photo by BRIDGET BENNETT/AFP via Getty Images)


Photo: Getty Images

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