Review: Bristol Oyster Bar

When oysters go for up to $3.50 apiece at many restaurants, the buck-an-oyster offer is one I always search for. Living in Rhode Island, where oysters are plentiful, we have a pretty good choice of buck-an-oyster locations. What makes the Bristol Oyster Bar worth a visit is that they offer $1 oysters from 4 to 6PM 5 days a week. And on my last visit, my friends and I chose from 6 local varieties. We had them all!

I was also surprised at their regular menu: adventurous but not ridiculous. We shared in plates like pork belly confit, a beautiful pork roast with pierogis, and shrimp tempura. Generous portions and we licked our plates clean. Even my daughter's chicken tenders with homemade potato chips was a hit.

Not a lot of kids here, understandably, and not a lot of room, either. Getting here early for the oysters also guarantees a seat as well as a coveted parking space, something that's a bit more of a challenge in Bristol as the evening rolls on.

Great cocktails, and our server was friendly and genuinely seemed like she wanted to be there. A great experience all around.

If I had one comment to make, it would be that I'd like to see oysters from other areas of the country on the menu, like Maine, Cape Cod, even the west coast. But for a buck a piece, I'm not complaining...what we had was excellent.

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