dNB Burgers in New Bedford

The word got out quickly about dNB. Craft burgers are like craft beers: you think everyone's had enough of them, but then a new great place opens up, and it's jamming. The folks at dNB are friendly. They grind their own burgers with their own recipe. All the sides are made from scratch. And though they don't serve hard spirits, they do have some house cocktails in addition to cider or wine...though I'd stick with a great craft beer or soda. 

On our recent visit, I inhaled the Wrangler, which featured their amazing onion rings on the burger. (Next time, I get a whole order of onion rings on the side.) My daughter built her own burger, and my wife, needing a gluten-free option, got her burger patty served on local microgreens from Eva's Garden in South Dartmouth, Mass.I hate to say that the only disappointment was the poutine. We love poutine...but we weren't crazy about the Shy Bros. mozzarella curds replacing the usual squeaky cheddar curds, and the beef gravy lacked punch. But the fries were awesome. 

For a first visit, I had to have a burger, but next time, I definitely want to try the Cuban sandwich or the shrimp po-boy.Lots to love in this place. Get a burger, get a beer, and you will be very happy.

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