Red Stripe on the East Side

I've been going to Red Stripe on the east side of Providence since it opened years ago. Some things, like their burgers, fries, and famous variety of mussel dishes, they do very well. Others...not so much. It doesn't stop this place from being absolutely mobbed at dinnertime. It's great location on Angell Street across from Starbucks certainly has something to do with it.

And while most restaurants close for a few hours between lunch and dinner, Red Stripe stays open, which was a great convenience for my daughter and me the other day, grabbing a late lunch/early dinner. I had the caesar salad--fresh romaine, lots of cheese--and the crispy cod tacos, which were fresh but could've used some serious seasoning. My daughter had the classic roasted tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwich...perfect for her.

Service was fast. Food was good, not great. But it's worth a stop when you want to stay away from fast food.

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