Metacom Kitchen in Warren

Warren is a blue-collar town that is changing for the better: small restaurants are popping up everywhere, giving locals a real choice in dining. The best of the bunch right now is Metacom Kitchen. The menu isn't huge, but what they serve is fresh and creative. Daily specials, like fresh tautog (that's black cod for non-New Englanders) were generous in size and full of flavor. A perfectly cooked duck with confited leg was another special, cooked to perfection. Burgers and pasta dishes put a smile on the kids' faces.

As with most small restaurants, the wine selection is average and very limited, but a full bar kept me happy with my Chopin martinis.

Service was friendly, though a young server didn't always have answers to our questions.

One final note: my wife has severe food allergies, and chef Nick went out of his way to make her dining experience the best. He came to the table, wrote down what she could eat and how it needed to be prepared, then created an appetizer plate and an entree based on those needs. She never felt out of place or embarrassed. For that, I give this restaurant the highest marks possible. We will be back!

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