Michael Jordan's Steakhouse at Mohegan Sun

If you've already decided you're going to Mohegan Sun, you're probably not too concerned about saving money. Unless you happen to win at the slots, most people know they're going to go home with less cash in their pockets than they came with.

I don't gamble, so I go to Mohegan Sun for the concerts. And I like good food, which, being the snob I am, is not easily found there. Sure, if all I want is a burger, I can go to Johnny Rocket's or Bobby's Burger Palace. If I want pizza, Ralph Pepe's is there. But if I'm looking for a real dining experience, for me, the only place to go is Michael Jordan's Steakhouse. I've been to the other higher end spots like Todd English's Tuscany, and Bobby Flay's Bar Americain, and I wasn't impressed.

Pricey? Sure. But I was there with my family to celebrate my wife's birthday, and everything we tried, from oysters to Caesar salads to Wagyu meatballs to tuna tartare to steaks was top notch...as was the service. Our server, Jules, assured us it was no problem to get food prepared exactly the way my wife's strict diet required. And it all tasted great.

If it's a special occasion at Mohegan Sun, and want to splurge a bit, Michael Jordan's is the place.

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