Great Mexican Food in Boston

I recently went to Boston with my wife for a date night. Having sushi for dinner, we wanted something completely different for brunch the next day, and we decided to search for Mexican food.

We discovered Lolita, a beautiful Mexican restaurant tucked away on the waterfront. We were told that our brunch was the last one they'd be serving for a while...the restaurant would be open for dinner only from now on. When I asked our server why, he said he didn't know...the only thing he could think of was that they wanted fewer hours in the off-season winter months. He was hoping that brunch would return in the spring.

Either way, if you're looking for delicious Mexican food, or simply a very, very cool place to hang out for some cocktails in Boston, Lolita is it!

They have 2 locations in Boston: in the Back Bay, and the one we went to at Fort Point. I can't vouch for the Back Bay location, but Fort Point is amazing! Find it at 253 Summer St, just a block away from the famous giant Hood Milk bottle.