Doug & Scarpetti

Doug & Scarpetti

Doug & Scarpetti have worked together, on and off, for close to 15 years. They love to argue and break each other's balls but are pretty close...Full Bio


Doug and Scarpetti Watch List!

TV:Goldburgs (Hulu)

Darkside Of the Ring (Season 2 on Vice TV)

The Last Dance (ESPN)

Rewatch-: The League, Brooklyn 99, Perfect Strangers (All on Hulu)

Party Down. (Hulu and Starz)

Movies:Dark Phoenix for a laugh. Not as bad as X3, but pretty close. (HBO)

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Slow at times but the last 30 minutes are bonkers and worth the time put in. (Starz)

Fistful of Dollars.(Starz)

Birds Of Prey/Harley Quinn (Vudu rental)

Snowpiercer(Buy it on whatever service you can!!!)

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