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Doug & Scarpetti

Doug & Scarpetti have worked together, on and off, for close to 15 years. They love to argue and break each other's balls but are pretty close...Full Bio


Watch: JERRY CANTRELL Performs In San Antonio During 'Brighten' Solo Tour

Fan-filmed video of ALICE IN CHAINS guitarist/vocalist Jerry Cantrell's entire April 22 solo performance at Aztec Theatre in San Antonio, Texas can be seen below.

His setlist was as follows:

01. Atone

02. Them Bones

03. Psychotic Break

04. Sea Of Sorrow

05. Brighten

06. Cut You In

07. My Song

08. Siren Song

09. No Excuses

10. Black Hearts And Evil Done

11. Had To Know

12. Angel Eyes

13. Between

14. Check My Brain

15. It Ain't Like That

16. Down In A Hole

17. Got Me Wrong


18. Would?

19. Man In The Box

20. Rooster

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