Doug & Scarpetti

Doug & Scarpetti

Doug & Scarpetti have worked together, on and off, for close to 15 years. They love to argue and break each other's balls but are pretty close...Full Bio

How To Get Your Partner Hot For You!

Dougs Fart Box (TM)

Sometimes you need to pass gas but the noise might be embarrassing...Doug & Scarpetti have got just the product for you!

Bruce Willis' family's announcement Confirms Rumors

D&S discuss the Bruce Willis diagnosis and what's happening with the iconic actor.

Spooning can be good for you...but...

To spoon or not to spoon. D&S talk about the benefits and pitfalls of spooning with your significant other.

The Love Boat is Back

D&S discuss the new Love Boat coming to CBS...and reminisce about the iconic original!


Rhode Island is FINALLY looking to legalize marijuana, There's a bill on the floor but there's still a way to go.

TikTok Videos Can Now Be 10 Minutes Long!! WHHHHYYYYY???!!!!

TikTok has changed their video lengths from 3 minutes to 10 minutes in case you need more time to bore us or make an ass out of yourself.

A New Bullitt Movie in the Works with Stephen Spielberg and the help of the McQueen Family

Remakes aren't always a bad thing! Doug & Scarpetti discuss the magic of great movie car chases!

Pet Names...Good or Bad?

A guy doesn't like the pet name his girlfriend gave him...Doug & Scarpetti discuss pet names.

Bare breasts to sell bras a good idea? Adidas thinks so.

Adidas using bare boobs in campaign for sports bras...will they use bare "Junk" for men's compression shorts??