Ahhh, it's the question of the ages "what planet are you from?" I love when people ask me that! My first instinct would be to answer, "Melmac". However, I was just informed that ALF isn't cool any more! What? The next thing I'm going to hear is that Fraggle Rock is out of style too!Anyway, to answer the question in a more formal way, I am your Mid-Day Chick!! I am here to play tunes to speed you through your workday. I'm a rock chick all the way. That doesn't mean I have an obsession with black vinyl and wear combat boots on a daily basis. In fact, most people say I look like the "girl-next-door". That makes me laugh because I lived in the woods growing up. I was raised by wolves (or Jack & Kris Dower...however you want to see it). I love Pink Floyd (you can see some photos below) and I love Rhode Island (even though I grew up a Mass-Hole!) I'm still earning my RI accent, but I'm almost there!!Hang with me every weekday & I promise to deliver your rock goods in the best way I know how!!