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Ever Wonder About the Sponsorships of College Football Games?

It was bound to happen. Maybe.

Do you ever wonder about the sponsorships of these big college football rivalries? I have been befuddled by who takes the title sponsor position in many of these games. And this weekend...something beyond strange happened.

The sponsor for this particular matchup, Clemson v. Georgia, was "Duke's Mayo". Yes, I said mayo.

I'm trying to think of where mayo comes into play in football. But really, it's about the fans. And they came out in droves to prove their love of football...and unfortunately mayo.

Let's start with my favorite video from the matchup:

Is he shoveling mayo into his mouth? Yes. Yes, he is. Why? For the love of "Duke's" is my guess. Well, that and alcohol.

And here's some more people loving mayo:

Is he really dumping mayo all over this shirtless body? Again, yes. Yes he is.

And as a follow up:

Yes. He smeared it all in. Makes for a good moisturizer...from what I've been told.

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