Falling Cat Wins at College Football Game!

Question: If a cat dangles from the balcony at a college football game, will anyone see it?

Answer: yup! A nation. A nation will see it!

The clear winner of the Miami vs. Appalachian State game this weekend was the cat. It was seen falling from a balcony by thousands that were in attendance. And now the world...thanks to the internet!

You can watch the dramatic footage caught by multiple spectators as the cat starts to fall. The first paw loses its grip. Followed by a squirming, dangling cat losing grip with its second front paw. The crowd is screaming, horrified as to what might happen if this cat truly falls to the ground.

The cat is saved in heroic fashion by a few members of the crowd, only to be seemingly scratched at! I mean, the poor thing was probably horrified. But maybe it could have been a little more grateful, and a little less...well...cat-like!

Check out a few videos below!

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