Jimmy Kimmel's Tribute to Bob Saget

There are a few things that we are learning about Bob Saget after his passing. One of those things that we are all coming to find out is that Bob was beloved by many. Not for his humor. Not for his portraying as characters on different shows like Full House or his cameos in movies (who can forget that moment in "Half Baked" when he informed Dave Chappel of what he did for cocaine...yikes). But for what he had done off-screen for so many people in his orbit.

He has been praised as a kind and loving man. Stories are coming out of how he was kind and helpful to comics who were struggling through the early stages of their career, struggling with mental illness, or struggling through medical issues.

Bob Saget, who surprised many with his filthy humor, was a man who touched many.

You can watch a clip below of Jimmy Kimmel's painful tribute to a man that few of us knew personally, but many loved on-screen. Apparently, we lost a "good one" when we so desperately need them.

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