These Are the Worst Photoshopped Wedding Photos EVER 👀

Inevitably, when you have your wedding photos professionally taken, there will be some shots that have blinks in them. That's why there are 5 shots of every single pose taken.

So what is one to do if you get your wedding phots back and they've photoshopped eyes on top of your guests' "blinks"? Well, you wind up with an absolute nightmare of a photo album!

Anaya and Jalen just got married last month and they're both horrified and amused at what came back from their photographer. The good news is that they're just going to get the photos of themselves with closed eyes. The bad news is that there's someone out there who actually has accepted the horrible photoshop job of this editor before. Maybe that's a profession we need to add a license to!

Check out the craziness below!

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Contenido patrocinado