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An Entire Classroom

An entire classroom.

All of the kids.

All of the teachers.

It's hard to imagine. It's awful to imagine. But it's real.

I had to have the conversation with my kids this morning. A 4th grader and a 2nd grader. They asked me "why" and I said that some people are sick. Some people are bad. And the monsters I told you weren't real are.

On social media I watched people attacking each other. Some screaming about mental health, others screaming about gun control. But we were all turning on each other. And I feel as though THAT is what keeps us from moving forward. From finding any solution whatsoever.

I watched Connecticut senator Chris Murphy make a pretty decent speech asking for people on both sides of the isle to find common ground. I watched Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr lose it at a press conference about inaction. It seems like they may both be on to something.

Mental health, common sense gun control. I think there's a common ground here. And it's time to start addressing both. Now. Before another child...CHILD...loses their life because they attended school that day.

I have attached videos of both senator Murphy and Steve Kerr below.

Be good to one another. That's the only way we'll make it through.

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