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Is it too early to throw a sh*@ fit about the snow given that today is really only the second somewhat noteworthy snow event of the season?  I don’t care.  I’m already tired of hearing about snow.  Tired of looking at the snow.  Tired of hearing people looking at the snow: “Wow – it’s really coming down now.” “The roads are getting bad.”  “How many inches do you think have fallen?”

Shut up.

I don’t want to hear about snow, see snow, or think about snow.  I don't want to drive amongst jackasses who can't drive in it.  And one thing has made snowstorms even more intolerable.

The school systems.

If you’re a working parent, you know what I mean.  Gone are the days of the ‘70’s, ‘80’s, and ‘90’s when we were kids and school districts would take a wait-and-see approach to cancelling schools due to snow or inclement weather.  We now live in the era of the premature cancellation (similar to premature ejaculation in that it happens far too soon and is disappointing and disconcerting to parents on the receiving end of the news, but not embarrassing to the school districts even though it should be).  Now we have banners scrolling across the bottoms of TV news screens announcing school and daycare cancellations the night BEFORE the storm before nary a flake has fallen.  As if the weather people never royally eff up a forecast or inflate an oncoming storm for TV ratings hype purposes.  Now we, the working parents, have to scramble to either find someone to watch our kids the next day so we can go to work and continue to make a salary to pay the school taxes or daycare tuitions that we are raped with or we have to call our bosses and tell them we won’t be in tomorrow because we have to stay home with our kids, hereby risking our employment.  Even though our place of business is open when the entire rest of the state is oddly shut down.  And to make matters worse, schools and daycares now sometimes remain closed the day AFTER the big storm even though another snowfall is not even remotely predicted that day because of "clean-up efforts" from the mess of the day before.  Usually the roads have already been sufficiently plowed, walkways and stairways shoveled out.  Nonetheless, parents have to burn yet another vacation or sick day and endanger their employment yet again to watch their kids and often (in my case) still get charged tuition for the two cancelled days by daycare even though THEY are the ones who cancelled both days.  Hey, daycare – this is why I pay you.  To watch my kid when I can’t so I can make a living to provide for my family and pay your inflated tuition.  B.S.

Hopefully the school districts and daycares will not panic and decide to yank parents out of work by deciding to close early today just because the roads are getting a little sloppy.  And hopefully the snow you see today will be the last G*d damn flakes that will fall this winter  in this wretched region known as New England that we for some reason call home even though it can be a frozen form of hell on earth this time of year.  Yeah, right.  This is just the beginning.

Good Lord I hate the snow.

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