A Few Reasons Why The Grammys Suck

I did you all a great service last night.  I watched part of the Grammys just so I could tell you to never again watch the Grammys.  Or any awards show.  They’re all the same.  Silly little jokes and pre-recorded bits from the host - in this case, James Corden - nowadays with a predictable political slant.  A roomful of self-loving, self-congratulatory, egocentric “artists” who desperately seek the validation of what is really a political award hand-picked by a committee of members likely with their own agendas and preferences. And, most importantly for this station, a total lack of representation of good old-fashioned, genuine rock music.  Sure, the Foo Fighters got the Grammy for Best Rock Song with “Run”, the Rolling Stones got the Grammy for Best Traditional Blues Album for “Blue and Lonesome,” but  – Best Rock Performance Grammy?  Leonard Cohen, who has been dead for over a year.  That seems like reaching to me.  With all due respect to the talented Mr. Cohen, is there so little going on in the rock scene that the Grammy could not have gone to a currently performing act?  The Grammys seem to care more about filling the room with oversaturated pop and rap stars.  I pine for the glory days of rock – the ‘80’s (yes, the hair band era) – when there were so many new and older acts making new music all the time MTV was filled with them.  And the Grammys were kinder to them too.  Showed them a little more love.  Either way, I recommend passing on award shows in general.  When it comes to finding something worthwhile to watch on TV on a Sunday night (other than the Super Bowl next weekend with the Pats), the Grammy goes to Netflix.

Paul and Al

Paul and Al

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