I Hate Bandwagon Sports Fans

As many of you may have heard from my past radio bits, my biggest pet peeve in the world is bandwagon sports fans - people who start rooting for a team or teams only when they start winning. And this town has seen a lot of winning over the past 17 years with championships (sometimes multiple) from all of our major sports teams - the Patrtiots (5, maybe soon to be 6), the Red Sox (3), the Celtics (1), and the Bruins (1). In that time, there have sprung up individuals sporting shiny, brand new, mostly Patriots and Red Sox (they've won the most after all of the four teams) championship hats, jackets, sweatshirts, jerseys, t-shirts, and bumper stickers. 

In my old radio bits, I would feast on such people, exposing them for their bandwagon fandom by asking them SIMPLE questions about the teams they so purported to love: "Name one wide receiver."  "Who is the coach/manager?"  "What is name of the stadium where the team plays their home games."  You would not believe how many people could not answer these rudimentary questions.  I HATE fans like this.  Twenty years ago, pre-Brady and pre-Belichick, the majority of people you see today with stiff, non-faded hats, t-shirts, etc. had NO idea who the starting quarterback was for the New England Patriots back then. If, by chance, they DID know who Drew Bledsoe was just in passing, they never could have named another starting player, and certainly not the team's record, etc. 

I don't know why this false fandom bothers me so much other than the fact that it exposes peoples' phoniness and the pathetic-ness of being such a loser oneself in life that they so desperately need to affiliate themselves with a winner.  It's likely about to get worse as the Patriots are in position to win another Super Bowl, which means that truckloads of bandwagon Super Bowl 52  Champion merchandise is soon to be flying off the shelves.  

To the REAL fans of the Pats, Sox, Celts, and B's, enjoy the success.  You deserve it for being such a loyal, rabid fan in the lean years, and because you will still be just as faithful a fan long after Belichick and Brady are gone and the team inevitably returns to earth and maybe even gets (gasp) BAD again! But when that time comes, you bandwagoners will be long gone. So, do us all a favor, take off your hat and Gronk jersey that likely still has the tags on it, watch some games, actually learn the sport, the team, and then we'll talk about whether you deserve to wear the colors of a team that you only like because it makes you feel better about yourself. 

And stop buying up the good seats in the stadium or park, bandwagoners. We real fans deserve the best view of the action.  All you're doing by going to these games en masse is driving up ticket prices. 

Rant over.

Paul and Al

Paul and Al

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