Oscars Get Lowest Ratings Ever. Good.

This year's Oscars hosted by Jimmy Kimmel were the lowest rated ever with 26.5 average viewers, nearly a 20% drop from last year's broadcast. This makes me happy. Why? Because everything about this self-congratulatory awards show is pathetic. A political vote over what the best films were, who the best actors and actresses were, none of it based on real world data like box office numbers and other barometers of commercial success. And even if it were, why does Hollywood need to get all dressed up and pat itself on the back for its "achievements?" As it stands, the majority of nominated films were not even seen by the general public. We don't care about these movies or these actors and actresses. And yet to be recognized by the Academy for their work is life and death to these Hollywood stars and starlets. They wait breathlessly for their names to be called as winner of whatever category they are up for. Guess what? No one else cares. Your four-hour long marathon telecast is a waste of the American viewing audience's time. Hopefully the fact that we tuned out in mass numbers once again will send a message to these self-loving narcissists that next year's proceedings need not be televised. If it is, for my viewing habits on the night of next year's Academy Awards, the Oscar and the remote will go to Netflix and some quality programming until that waste of space is off my TV screen. Tune out again next year with me!

Paul and Al

Paul and Al

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