The Impact Of Stephen Hawking On Science And Culture

So we lost the brilliant mind of Stephen Hawking yesterday.  Not sure if there was a genius who was better at explaining complex physics and astronomy to the masses.  His best-selling books gave us lower forms of life an idea about black holes and concepts of the space-time continuum. There is SO much more to life than our daily grind and what's popping up on our social media feed.  Read one of Hawking's books this week (they are short and accessible)  and it'll open your mind to the big picture... which is good for all of us!!!

One of my 'friends' on Facebook posted that he HATED Hawking because he turned so many people away from religion.  What Hawking did is bring 'light' into the world... and if your religion doesn't support enlightenment, well, enjoy holding onto your knowledge and values from bygone centuries.  The only constant in the universe is change... embrace it and embrace the works of Mr. Hawking.  AND embrace the wonderful mix of Dr. Steve and Pink Floyd!

Paul and Al

Paul and Al

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