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The Royal Wedding - A Royal Waste Of Time

I was at a car dealership on Sunday and overheard a woman talking on her cell phone:

"I'm EXHAUSTED!" she proclaimed to someone on the other end of the line.  A pause, then, "Duh, because I got up early to get ready to watch the royal wedding!"

I immediately made an assessment - I could never be friends with this woman.

Anyone on the planet who is not named Prince Harry or Meghan Markle or Queen Elizabeth or Prince Charles or Prince William or Kate Middleton, whose existence revolved around this royal waste of time, needs to get a life.  To think that people around the world, not the least of which was a hyperventilating media, actually got excited about this humdrum event blows my mind.  The royal family is the biggest joke of celebrity in the history of the world, and that includes the cast of "Jersey Shore".  That people hero worship these mere mortals who were simply born into fame and riches and power is astounding. They stand around water coolers guessing what the prince and princess are going to name their new baby, they wring their hands when the queen gets the sniffles, they congregate for royal wedding parties at friends' houses to watch two people get married like lots of  people do and gush about what a fairy tale it is even though they know none of the intimate details of the relationship, wasting precious human breaths talking about the dress the bride wore or about the flowers or the ceremony or whatever such nonsense that the media shoves down our throats with their 'round-the-clock news coverage of this asinine event.

If you were one of the people who shared in the "joy" of the royal wedding, I apologize.  I'm sorry that you actually got teary-eyed living vicariously through two strangers who are manufactured celebrities - a.k.a.  "royalty" (snicker).

It is my wish that someday human culture and society in general will evolve enough to rise above the hype of this useless garbage. So many other important things were happening in the world last Saturday, and this wedding was not even close to one of them. Let the Prince Harrys and Meghan Markles of the world get married. By all means. But let it be in a private chapel with no cameras, no spectacle, no circus, no idiot talking heads, with just close family and friends in attendance.  And let the rest of us just get on with our own personal lives and relationships, with our priorities in check and our emotional investments in others rooted in sanity.

I wish Harry and Meghan (I refuse to continue calling them "prince" or "duchess" or whatever the hell she's supposed to go by now) a long, happy, healthy life together.  Off of my TV screen, off of my internet news feed, or off of magazine covers in the supermarket checkout line.

For they are just people, born into privilege. Just ordinary, not extraordinary, people, who should be regarded as such.

Nothing more.

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