Comedian Steven Wright Proves He's One Of The Best At Foxwoods

Ever since bursting onto the national scene with an unforgettable appearance on Johnny Carson's "Tonight Show" back in the '80's, comedian Steven Wright has been delivering his hilarious deadpan one-liners for four decades. He performed this past Saturday night at the Fox Theater in Foxwoods. And in my opinion, he has proven once again that he is easily in the Top 3 stand-ups of all time, if not number one. Reason?  He literally INVENTED a brand of comedy that no one has done before or since. He copied no one, and no one can copy him lest they be accused of "trying to be like Steven Wright".  His monotone, deadpan delivery of bizarre, original observations and non-sequiturs and mind twisters make you think and make you laugh. Hard. He is still brilliant after all these years, though granted his show consists largely of many of his classic routines from over the course of his career.  But audiences young and old can appreciate him, though there is a bit of obscenity in the show. But Wright doesn't rely on profanity to get laughs. Rather, it's his "why didn't I think of that?" crafting of precise one-liners that wins audiences over. There have been many extremely talented stand-ups throughout history, but for every one I can say he or she is similar to "so and so."  Wright is simply in a class and style of his own.  To keep audiences paying attention and laughing for a full show when his delivery is so low energy is a testament to the strength of the material. My final argument for putting Wright at #1 as Best Comedian Of All Time?  He performs for an hour-and-a-half relying primarily on one-liners. Most comedians buy time with long set-ups, playing to the audience, etc. Wright's joke-to-minute ratio is astounding. The laughs come fast and furious. Even the set-ups have jokes in them it seems. His material is widely quoted amongst comedy fans.  And he could ostensibly perform for hours and hours, such is his accumulated vault of brilliance. Steven Wright. GOAT!

Paul and Al

Paul and Al

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