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Political Correctness Has Finally Gone Past The Point Of No Return

First, read this article... LONG TIME, NO SEE

Now let's discuss.

Political correctness, with this development by staff members at Colorado State University proposing banning the "offensive" phrase "long time, no see", has finally made the leap into absolute, total insanity. Over-the-top, looking to pick a fight, whiny, unnecessary absurdist, over-thinking nonsense. The phrase "long time, no see" has been used at LEAST since the early 1900's as evidenced by literature utilizing it, and no one of Asian descent nor people of any other ethnicity have been hurt, or even had the notion of being hurt, by it.  And I thought Ron Darling catching heat for recently using the common expression "chink in the armor" when broadcasting an MLB playoff game when a batter of Asian descent was at the plate pushed this hyper-ventilating, hyper-sensitive culture over the edge. 

This is political correctness finally "jumping the shark", as the expression goes.  Though I fear that term may now be deemed offensive to sharks.  Or Fonzie.  Seriously, that's how much you have to think about what you say every day thanks to the PC police.

If anything, and even this is stupid to think, doesn't the expression "long time, no see" have more in it to offend blind individuals? Yet they have never complained about it I'm sure.

This is a push toward pure day-day-day censorship. Nothing else. Some say the expression "long time, no see" is too similar to the poorly-used Asian-based statement, "me love you long time."  So now we can't say things that "might"... MIGHT sound like other expressions??? Do you know how many words and phrases that negates?  Saying "hi" sounds like "high," which may be offensive to marijuana smokers.  So if we get rid of "hi", then we have to get rid of "hello", because it means the same thing as "hi."  And down the rabbit hole of over-reacting we go.

I hope this policy gets the heat it deserves to the point that the ridiculous proposal on the "long time..." expression and any other phrases they attempt to ban in their move to suppress fair, clean, and normal student discourse are quickly kicked to the curb.  If not, I am going to enroll at Colorado State just so I can walk the halls and greet everyone of every race with "long time, no see."

I bet not a single person's feelings will be hurt.

They'll just think I'm nuts because they've never met me before.

But you have to be nuts to live in this world of bogus political correctness. 

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