It's Axl Rose's 57th Birthday - Let's Celebrate His Transformation

Today Axl Rose is 57 and we should celebrate him! Not only one of the great front men in rock and roll (and a highly underrated musician/song writer as well) but he has had a public metamorphosis unlike any other rock star. 

He was initially a white trash punk on many levels. Being a total asshole to his fans and band mates... with a crap work ethic on the road.... making audiences wait 3 or 4 hours. My attitude toward him at the time was, "hey, you prick...90% of these people have to get up and go to their jobs in the morning...and they probably just paid a half of their weekly salary on a ticket to your show which YOU can't bother to start on time!" (a bad experience in Worcester had a lot of Southern New England totally pissed off). 

But now the new Axl is not only on time for all his shows, he pulled double duty last year as lead singer for AC-DC. He's kissed and made-up with his former band mates (mostly) and is now involved in non-profit organizations and lets his voice be heard politically. He has matured in front of our eyes which is opposite of the cliched aging rock star ODing or becoming an anti-social hermit. 

So let's celebrate Axl's success story...not only his music but his life!!! Take a few minutes and get nostalgic with the video below! 

Paul and Al

Paul and Al

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