Should Prostitution And Drugs Be Decriminalized?

The Bob Kraft situation has brought this recurring topic back to mind. This is a big picture question that strikes fear into many but if you think about it, if we took away the drug dealers and pimps we would reduce violent crime in America by....what...90%? But making these 'sins' legal is a bad example for our kids and society in general, right? If we could only have a study on the impact of legalized prostitution and drugs....oh, wait; there ARE countries who have done that. So what are the results? Obviously mixed BUT in Portugal, where all drugs were legalized 15 years ago, the results have been dramatic.

To me prostitution is a tougher moral question... the whole idea of cash for sex is uncomfortable reality for some (me included) but it DOES exist...has always been here (the oldest profession) and will never go away and we should always remember our history and that Prohibition of booze in the US led directly to organized crime. Our biggest crime networks today are based on sex and drugs and taking away the black market would make a lot of positive changes and, in a generation, clean up the horrible mess of our overcrowded prison system.

Paul and Al

Paul and Al

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