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How Last Night's INSANE Lightning Storm Almost Killed 94 HJY's Kevin

Thunderstorm lightning with dark cloudy sky

Local meteorologists believe this was the exact lightning bolt that almost fried 94 HJY's Kevin's a$$ last night.Photo: Maxiphoto / iStock / Getty Images

94 HJY's Kevin from The Paul and Al Show and 7-midnight here.

During last night’s violent lightning storm I sat in my car at the restaurant I’d ordered take-out from and waited for the lightning to subside before making a mad dash for the door. I yanked the door open and almost ran over a very elderly woman with a walker exiting.

I held the door open for her as lightning bolts and thunder filled the sky. I then tried to enter the restaurant to escape the dangerous elements when another elderly woman, this one with a cane, slowly shuffled by as I held the door open. A large bolt of lightning flashed and the rain picked up as did my anxiety.

This went on for eight more physically-compromised old ladies who I learned were from an assisted living facility’s knitting club enjoying their monthly outing. All but one of them sincerely thanked me except for one cranky old woman who not only did not say thanks but didn’t even apologize after running over my foot with her wheelchair.

I’m not saying I wanted any of those elderly women to get struck by lightning, but if it absolutely HAD to be one…

Never mind. Forget I said anything.


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