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A Plea To Parents Of Young Athletes From 94 HJY's Kevin

Making some good moves on basketball filed

It's good to see that the parents of the players in this girls' youth rec basketball league actually make sure their kids show up faithfully and honor their season commitment to the coaches and their teammates. In my experience with my son's athletic endeavors, this sadly is becoming more and more rare. - KevinPhoto: miodrag ignjatovic / E+ / Getty Images

As the parent of a 10 year-old boy who has participated in sports for years, I beg of you, my fellow parents - if you sign your child up for a sport, PLEASE be sure that you and your child are prepared to fully honor that commitment.

I can’t tell you how many times over the years that my son’s teammates’ attendance has trailed off as the season progresses, leaving those kids who faithfully show up with not enough players for a basketball game or being forced to compete with just the five players who showed up, with each player exhausted by game’s end with no subs available.

I realize that life happens and that making every game or practice is unlikely. People get sick, work and family issues arise, etc.


This isn’t that. This is a cultural and societal epidemic: not intrinsically valuing the well-being and time of others and instead just “doing what’s best or convenient for me.”

So, please teach your children that commitments are a huge deal in life. Other people are relying on them. It is a TEAM.

Unless six players simply don’t show up.

Then, it’s a forfeit.

And a big disappointment to kids who deserve better.



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