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To Those Offended by "Insensitive" O.J. Memes, Well... Tough Crap

O.J. Simpson shows the jury a new pair of Aris ext

LOS ANGELES, CA - JUNE 21: O.J. Simpson shows the jury a new pair of Aris extra-large gloves, similar to the gloves found at the Bundy and Rockingham crime scene 21 June during his double murder trial in Los Angeles. Depety Sheriff Roland Jex(L) and Prosector Christopher Darden(R) look on. AFP PHOTO (Photo credit should read POO/AFP via Getty Images)Photo: POOL / AFP / Getty Images

Almost immediately after O.J. Simpson’s unexpected death was announced yesterday, the internet was flooded with posts and memes making light of, in fact even celebrating, O.J.'s. demise.

Because, well, that's what the internet does.

In some cases, insensitive memes are just that: "insensitive". Even downright cruel. Poking fun at a truly horrible tragedy, even sometimes desecrating totally innocent victims. Critics justifiably respond with lecturing comments such as, "Too soon", or, "WTF?!", or different variations of, "You are SICK!!"

I myself, not easily offended by much and being generally opposed to censorship, have seen some posters go WAY over the line with disgusting, disrespectful, even downright evil content that post creators sell their souls for just for the sake of getting some extra clicks and attention. I think some of that content and some of those content creators need to be flagged and banned. Period.

But I was surprised to discover yesterday, while perusing numerous posts related to Simpson's death, that there's actually a contingent out there in Social Media World who are, to some degree at least, O.J. apologists or defenders, generally under the blanket belief of "who are we to judge?" Or perhaps even more baffling, those who believe that, since O.J. was found "not guilty" in our courts, he is, ostensibly, an innocent man. I was kind of operating under the assumption that the one thing that united us all as Americans was our collective hatred of O.J. Simpson and the horrible double murders he denied committing right up to his (fresh) grave.

Under one O.J. parody post on Facebook featuring a hearse-like white Bronco being "driven" by famed O.J. pal Al Cowlings to a cemetery with police in pursuit, a triggered woman wrote:

“😢 That’s not nice.”

I see.

Also not “nice”: double murders.

I explained to this woman how the O.J. memes are FAR “nicer” than the barbaric, senseless murders of two totally innocent, defenseless people who were cruelly wrenched from their loving families and friends.

That brutal act was followed by O.J.’s remorseless lies and the privileged uses of wealth and celebrity to escape justice for decades, knowing that his unwarranted freedom caused further torment to those whose loved ones were brutally murdered and, in fact, nearly beheaded.

Now, THAT’S not “nice.”

O.J. unfairly escaped punishment and our legal system notoriously failed. We have the right to try and convict him for all time in the court of public opinion to ensure that such a miscarriage of justice never happens again.

I know, I know: “Judge not lest ye be judged.”

I’ll take my chances. And if I’m cast into Hell for passing judgment on a double murderer, I’ll appeal by hiring the best, most high-priced lawyer I can find amongst Satan’s minions.

I’m 100% certain Johnnie Cochran is in Hell.


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