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WWE Superstar John Cena Announces "In The Ring" Retirement And New Plans

WrestleMania 39

INGLEWOOD, CALIFORNIA - APRIL 01: John Cena during WrestleMania Goes Hollywood at SoFi Stadium on April 01, 2023 in Inglewood, California. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)Photo: Ronald Martinez / Getty Images Sport / Getty Images

WWE Megastar John Cena has just announced that he will be retiring from the ring in 2025, adding that he plans to remain part of the WWE family for a long time to come as he loves the sport and his millions and millions of fans.

On a personal note (it's Kevin from The Paul and Al Show here, by the way), I've never been a wresting fan, but I am a huge fan of John Cena as a wrestler, actor, and human being in general. And I say that as a guy who, when Cena visited the HJY studio maybe 15 years ago, I left with his giant, red handprints on my bare chest and back as he demonstrated how to deliver a WWE "chop" on me on-air for The Paul and Al Show.

As we discussed the bit before we went on the air, I told Cena not to hold back and to smack me as hard as he would any wrestler in the ring. John STRONGLY advised me that I didn't want that, but I insisted, as we needed the loudest slap sound possible for the radio audience (phone cameras, live video streaming, social media, etc., were not even close to being then what they are today).

Well, on-air, Cena begrudgingly complied, and smacked my man boobs with such ferocity that the sheer volume of the meaty slap nearly blew out the HJY transmitter and sent me crumbling to the ground in agony. I tried to be a tough guy, got up, and invited a second chop to my back when I accused wrestling of being fake. BAD IDEA!!!

Anyway, Cena warning me and looking out for me showed that he is a compassionate guy with a damn big heart. Furthering that notion was how our phone lines lit up like never before from listeners of all ages to talk to Cena and he could not have been kinder and more patient in taking so many calls.

But all you need to know about Cena's love and respect for his fans, especially his young ones, is the fact that he is the number one requested celebrity of terminally ill children through the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and has granted over 650 wishes to very sick children who so desperately wanted to meet their hero. And Cena fulfilled many off these wishes in private, long before they were finally publicized against his recommendation.

In short, John Cena's an absolute class act, a great guy, an amazing athlete and personality, and I'm glad that his skill set is so varied that, even if his body won't let him jump off the top rope of the ring the way he used to, he'll still be in the public eye, doing great things on the screen or behind-the-scenes.

Congrats on an awesome WWE career, Mr. Cena.

And I truly, truly should have listened to you about you holding back a bit on the chops.


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