Taylor Swift gives Sneak Peek into Re-Recordings

Taylor Swift is working hard rerecording her first 6 albums since Scooter Braun bought and, more recently, sold her masters to a third party, Shamrock for like $300 million!

As you know Taylor is friends with Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, using their kids' names as characters in songs on her new album Folklore.

Well Ryan recently tweeted about a new Match.com commercial and it features Taylor's song "Love Story," the new rerecorded version!!

Taylor spoke recently "I have recently begun rerecording my older music and it has already proven to be both exciting and creatively fulfilling."

She sounds great and the song sounds great! Can't wait to hear the whole thing and all the other songs with a fresh new sound!

Check out the snip it below and enjoy some performances from her Disney+ special Folklore: the Long Pond Studio Sessions! Just amazing!
I wish I had Disney+ the struggle is real rn hahaha.


Photo Credit: Getty