Mysterious Monolith Madness

Have you seen these monoliths popping up in random locations around the globe, 3 of them in the last few weeks?

The first one was spotted in the Utah desert, According to USA Today it was discovered by the Utah Department of Public Safety on November 18th, while they were looking for big horn sheep. It stood about 10 feet tall and was dug in to the rocks a bit and rumor has it, it was put there by and artists who passed away in 2011. BUT according to satellite footage the monolith appeared between Summer 2015 - Fall 2016.

Then it mysteriously vanished on the 27th of November, the same day another one popped up in Romania. Turns out this one didn't vanish but it was in fact removed from by actual people. This video was uploaded to youtube...

The one in Romania was similar to the Utah one in height but that one was smooth this one had a pattern of circles on it. It wasn't around for as long as the first one, it disappeared on Dec 1st.

The next day, December 2nd, another one popped up this time in California. This one also almost 10 feet tall. A local hiker said it wasn't there the day before.

I know people removed the first one but who put it there? Who put the other up? The origins of these mysterious monoliths is still unknown.
Here's a full detailed timeline courtesy of Insider.

I'm hoping it's some sort of worldwide moving art installment that was set off by the first one in Utah being discovered or even if it was aliens that would be cool! I'll keep you updated with the need to know on any new discoveries.


Photo Credit: Facebook/Stephane Koch