Seth Rogan Launches Cannabis Company, Houseplant!

Seth added a new item to his product line. He created a car lighter. It's very nice and sleek looking and I love that it's green. It's a gorgeous green color in my opinion. So if you're feeling a little nostalgic for a car lighter you can now have one on your coffee table. And it looks fancy af check it out.

March 14th:Seth Rogen launched his new cannabis lifestyle brand Houseplant the other day and, I didn't realize this was coming out, it was so highly anticipated the website crashed!

And the demand was so high there was actually a "waiting room" to get into it. As of the time I'm writing this blog there was no wait to get in thankfully. If you want you can check out his website.

His brand is pretty cool it's actually divided into two parts that's why he called it Houseplant. The house part of it has more home related things like a collection of records a tabletop lighter and an ashtray and vase set.

Yes, the plant part, of course as you may have guessed, is the flower that he sells and if you live in California you can buy this AND get it delivered right to your house. So cool!

You can check out the pieces from his house collection below and watch the video of him designing the ashtray.

Photo: Getty