This Month's Worm Moon & More Lunar Events

As you know, some really cool stuff happening in space right now with NASA going to Mars and SpaceX doing its first human trip this fall.

There's some other really cool things happening that we can enjoy, right here, from mother Earth, including eclipses and meteor showers.

This weekend we have another full moon. I'm sure you've noticed it's been big and bright in the sky even during the day the past couple of days. March's full moon is known as the worm Moon. It's called this because it's the time of year when earthworms start appearing in the soil, attracting birds like robins signaling spring is here. Which is exciting for gardeners like myself.

Fun fact: because this full moon happened after the spring equinox it's referred to as the Paschal full moon. That is used to determine the date of Easter which is always the following Sunday, April 4th this year, if you celebrate.

You can see the worm moon or the Paschal full moon this Sunday evening, March 28th. Technically it reaches its peak at 2:50 in the afternoon, but we can see it shining bright and beautiful that night in the sky... so long as the clouds are gone.


I hope it's a clear night, and we can see the full moon because I really want to make some Moon water. My girls and I are into Wicca and the metaphysical practices, so we're going to make a couple jars. Yes, it's exactly what it sounds like water that you leave out, specifically in a glass container, in the moonlight to be purified by the moon and absorb her energies. You can use Moon water for different things such as cleansing your home, watering your plants, taking a moon bath, cleansing your crystals, or you could even use it in your tea. I really want to use mine for cleansing my crystals and perhaps taking a moon bath as well. That sounds fun and cleansing for me too.

We have plenty more lunar events happening this year to look forward to. In April there's a meteor shower on the 22nd and the pink supermoon on the 27th. In May on the 5th there's another meteor shower and on the 26th there's a total lunar eclipse happening. And then the annual solar eclipse is going down June 10th. I'm absolutely looking forward to another meteor shower. I don't know if you saw the one last summer, but it was great. Blew up an air mattress for my truck bed; my friend and I laid in there with pillows and blankets and watched it. We saw some incredible comets, blue and green ones. However, I think it's going to be a little too chilly to do that again in April and possibly also in May, but I'll still be looking forward to watching them. I think they're so magical and in the word we live in I'll find magic even in the small stuff. Maybe I can watch from my screen house with a space heater depending on the temperature... Gotta love living in New England. I will update you on those future events as we get closer to them.

Photo: MOHD RASFAN/AFP via Getty Images thumbnail
YE AUNG THU/AFP via Getty Images meteor shower