Meet My Ever Growing Crystal Collection

I am so excited! I have got a new crystal that I've added to my collection. Technically it's actually a crystal bowl, but not your typical crystal bowl. It's made of selenite. My crystal collection started growing, and I was reading up on cleansing methods, which I'll dive deeper into in a separate blog for you. One of the cleansing methods I came across of the 10 that I found we're using larger crystals to cleanse your smaller ones. I found out that selenite makes a good cleansing crystal for not only you but your other crystals. You can use giant selenite crystals, multiple little ones, or they sell selenite slabs or selenite bowls to put your crystals on or in to cleanse them.

I got mine off of Amazon for about $23, and I'm so excited to use it. This is one of the easier methods for cleansing your crystals because you just have to leave them in the selenite bowl for 24 hours. This is my first time trying this obviously since the bowl is new, but I have used sage before to cleanse my crystals. It's really cool they say because of the negative energy they absorb it makes them heavy but once they're cleansed they'll actually feel lighter. I definitely felt it get lighter after I used the sage, it was so cool.

Now I'll introduce you to my ever-growing crystal collection. I've bought a couple sets online, and I've also been to some metaphysical stores to pick up some others. I definitely prefer picking them out in person because I like to see which Stone I'm vibing with, but I won't lie it is cheaper to buy them online, for the most part. My collection contains a little over 30 crystals so, I'm going to start with the ones I have in my selenite bowl, that I keep in Studio Blanket Fort. These are the ones I use most often in general, I have a little felt bag to take them with me on the go as well. I'll tell you about the rest of them next time.

Also, I found this really cool app that gives me information about the crystals, some history behind them the geologic info, and it's healing properties. It's called the citrine circle: a guide to crystals, the app is a brown orange color and looks like a circle with CC written in it.

My Crystal Collection

I'll start with the big one, Goldstone, it brings a warm positive protective energy, it keeps you calm and stressful environments and even helps boost confidence. I love how warm and sparkly it is.

Goldstone Crystal I Picked Up In Salem

This small sparkly one is one of me favorites, its Blue moonstone it's a calming stone that has healing and sacred feminine energies. Girl power!

Blue Moonstone I got in New Hampshire

Speaking of feminine energy Carnelian another one good one for channeling that it also stimulates creativity and sharpens your concentration. I have 2 of these. They're also another good cleansing Stone if you have a lot of small ones, which of course I have being shipped to me as I write this. Haha told you I've gone crystal crazy.

Tiger's Eye is a strong protecting and grounding stone it also helps with courage, boosts confidence and helps with depression.

Tiger Eye Crystal From My Chakra Crystal Collection

Tiger Iron also a strong grounding stone, It's an excellent manifestation stone, helps with courage during uncertain times also helps boost confidence and creativity.

Tiger Iron Crystal I Got In Salem

Orange Calcite Improves inspiration and creativity, it's an energy amplifier and helps enhance natural gifts, helps with depression and encourages hard work leadership and determination.

Orange Calcite Heart Shaped  Solar Plexus Chakra Crystal

Green adventure is a Good luck Stone and also helps attract abundance and prosperity.

Green Adventure from my Chakra Crystal Collection

Black onyx aids with decision-making, calms fear and anxiety and boosts confidence.

Black Onyx from my Chakra Crystal Collection

Blue lace agate This one is a very stabilizing Stone and helps boost confidence and aid with public speaking, perfect for talking on the radio.

Blue Lace Agate from my Chakra Crystal Collection

Iolite is great for work helps boost motivation, resist distractions, promotes creativity and self-expression, and it also helps achieve a calm and positive state of mind.

Iolite Crystal I Got In Salem

Sodalite I love this one for work it improves listening and speaking skills and is really good for organization, which is perfect for when I have to do prep for my shows. It's also good for confusion, inadequacy and fear.

Sodalite Crystal I Got In Salem

Lepidolite This one aids with learning and studying which is cool because I'm always open to learning new things, It helps you cope with change, soothes distrust depression and stress, and inspires positive life changes

Lepidolite from my Chakra Crystal Collection

Photo: Steph Dansereau