Doug & Scarpetti have worked together, on and off, for close to 15 years. They love to argue and break each other’s balls but are pretty close friends. Doug grew up in Lincoln and Providence. Scarpetti was born and raised in Pawtucket. They’re both big movie, TV and music fans but Scarpetti is a Super Nerd for that stuff. The show has been described as, “two morons you might run into at a bar and have conversations with about everything from politics to masturbation…” Doug loves Led Zeppelin and Van Halen (Dave version ONLY) and Smokey and the Bandit is his favorite movie. Scarpetti is a huge rock fan and loves everything from Alice in Chains to ZZ Top (as well as a lot of really bad crap…such as Depeche Mode). He will also debate you about the merits of RUSH till he’s blue in the face.Together, Doug & Scarpetti try to give you a ride home that is light and nonsensical. It’s about fun and bulls#*%ing. Join us…won’t you?