In Honor of Dark Side Going to #1...Here's "The Dark Side of Oz"

It was back on this day in 1973 that Pink Floy's "Dark Side of the Moon" album hit #1on the Billboard album chart. Between then and now, the album was #1 for 741 weeks. Ok...not all in a row...but still...isn't that even more dramatic?

Dark Side has sold more than 45 million copies!

So in honor of this awesome moment in rock history, I'm going to link you directly to "The Dark Side of Oz" (also known as "The Dark Side of the Rainbow and "The Wizard of Floyd" depending on who you ask).

I don't know who first discovered that fact that the film and the album undeniably correspond at certain moment...but boy do I thank them! This has certainly provided me with many hours of enjoyment over the years. Way too many as a teenager but it was better than toilet papering someone's know?

Without further ado...enjoy!