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Rock Stars & Their Celebrity Doppelgängers!

The truth is, as I was READING this list, I was saying to myself "well that's a stretch". Then I proceeded to scroll through these rock star-celebrity doppelgängers and it's actually pretty messed up!

Before you click the link to see the photos (because you need to see these to believe them) just read this list and see how ridiculous this SOUNDS. (Not listed but ones you'll see that are just weird: Howie Mandel & David Draiman and Chad Smith & Will Ferrell)

1.  Lars Ulrich and Michael Keaton


2.  Anthony Kiedis and Justin Long


3.  Jack White and Johnny Depp


4.  Dave Grohl and Pierce the Veil singer Vic Fuentes


5.  Tommy Lee and magician Criss Angel


6.  Eddie Vedder and Russell Crowe


7.  Roger Waters and Richard Gere


8.  Alice Cooper and Steve Carell


9.  Freddie Mercury and Sacha Baron Cohen


10. A young Mick Jagger and Harry Styles

Now click here to see this list with your own eyes...because it's actually really weird!

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